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How to Survive a Recession While Being Fashionable


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Being a fashion icon, you are probably anxious about a recession. Well, I can understand why you would feel that way, given the ongoing economic situation. Nevertheless, you don't need to spend a dollar on new outfits to be fashionable during a recession.

Here are a few tips for dressing stylishly during a recession:

Create a unique piece

Your defining piece, like your call card, is the outfit you'll become renowned for. When money is limited, pick an accessory instead of expensive shoes, jewelry, blazers, dresses, and so on. It can be an eccentric necklace, striking earrings, and hair clips.  Spend most of your money on a variety of the signature itemyou've decided on.

 Adhere to the 70/30 principle

The majority of the items in your wardrobe should be timeless classics, roughly 70%. Consider wearing v-neck t-shirts, straight-cut jeans, blazers, neutral cardigans, plus white button-downs. Spend the remaining 30 percent on accessories since they are less expensive and experiment with trends. Avoid investing a lot of money in items that won't be fashionable the following season.


Make savings account for shoppers:

The monthly outfit budget should be deposited into a slightly elevated savings account. Use only the money from that account to purchase clothing. Because that is not the account from which you settle your expenses, you are free to purchase down to a value of zero if you like. However, remember that there's a catch to that. Do not even try to squeeze more money from your budget by utilizing credit while believing you will make the payment with money set aside each month. This could work; however, it finally backfires when you begin rolling through balances and paying interest.

Before you purchase, trade:

Invite your buddies over for exchange parties. Carry your slightly used yet still fashionable items to trade for gently worn but still stylish items from them. This method is absolutely free and enjoyable!

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