Love Over Lust

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Love over lust

Pick what’s in my bust over a quick bust,
like longevity and trust over part time,
I’m part Angelou and Zeus not Seuss, 
so it’s creative dualities over catchy rhymes, 
a one in a million among Whovillian villains, practice due prudence of who will woo you and who will use your green thumb to skew you, 
some just want to screw, so I blueball 1 red handed fish then 2. 
I stand in lines that are worth the wait. 
Hungry for knowledge of self not on dates for dinner plates, 
my waist ain’t small but my patience for fake mates is. 
Queen, check yaself to grow so it “IS what it IS” and NOT “what is WAS”
There’s a thin line between love and hate, and that line is drawn right above lust.
Equity over empty, employed over temp.
Proud home owner one day over paying rent from manifestations of dreams with the discipline not to relent.
To love is to endure
To love is from instinct 
So love me passed this phase or for just my face
In my lower self or in grace
When I’m black or white, know that lust is the anatomy of greys
A tonal gamut of full throttle engage you one day or Grey rock you til you go away 
Interview representative vs. sincere character, a message pending over a message sent. 
love over lust, the pitched roof of wedding chapels and dedication over sales pitchers pitching tents.